Volkswagen Technology Can Help You Master Parallel Parking

May 18th, 2018 by

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Just the words parallel parking can cause a feeling of dread in many drivers. For some, it comes naturally, but for most it can be enough to keep driving in the other direction and skip those errands you were meant to run. Automotive manufacturers understand the pain of parking, especially parallel parking, and have been working to create modern technologies that can assist. Volkswagen’s solution to the problem is in a driver assist feature called Volkswagen Park Assist. Keep reading to learn more about Park Assist and to see which Volkswagen models have Park Assist technology.

Which Volkswagen models have Park Assist?
So what exactly does the Volkswagen Park Assist do? First, it can help drivers decide if a parking spot is large enough for the vehicle via sensors located around the car perimeter. Once a sufficient space is found, the driver will operate the accelerator, brake, and shifter as the car steers itself into the space. See a current list of the Volkswagen models outfitted with an available Park Assist feature below.

2017 Golf GTI
2017 Golf Sportwagen
2017 Golf Alltrack
2017 Passat
2018 Atlas

Volkswagen Park Assist vs ParkPilot
Volkswagen also has a driver assist feature called ParkPilot. While Park Assist actively assists drivers in the parking process by taking over certain functions like steering the vehicle, ParkPilot is a distance warning system. ParkPilot uses sensors around the car to gauge how close the vehicle is to other objects and will emit signal tones to alert the driver. Both features can be really helpful to drivers during the parking process.

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