What is Volkswagen Front Assist and How Does It Work?

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We are reminded time and time again by our Baxter Volkswagen Westroads customers that safety is the top consideration for most people when purchasing a new vehicle. Car shoppers with safety concerns can find multiple VW models that offer the latest and greatest in safety technology including popular driver assist systems like front assist and automatic emergency braking.

Volkswagen technology can help you master parallel parking

Does VW Front Assist Come with Automatic Emergency Braking?
The Volkswagen Front Assist (sometimes referred to as Forward Collision Warning) system employs the use of audio and visual clues to let drivers know if they are dangerously close to vehicles and/or pedestrians in front of them on the road. The VW Front Assist system is also equipped with an Automatic Emergency Braking feature that can slow the vehicle automatically if drivers do not respond to audio and visual signals in a timely manner, hopefully helping to prevent accidents that could be caused by inattentive driving*.

*Driver Assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving. See Owner’s Manual for further details and important limitations.

Volkswagen Passat Driver Assistance Safety Features

Other Volkswagen Driver Assist Features
Volkswagen Front Assist warning graphicVolkswagen Front Assist is just one of the many driver assist features available on the Volkswagen lineup. Other features include blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, lane assist, park assist, adaptive cruise control, park pilot, area view, and light assist. Visit your nearest VW dealership for specific information on which driver assist features are found on the Volkswagen model that most peaks your interest.

What does the Volkswagen Driver Assistance Package Include

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