What time does trick or treating start in Omaha?

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Get your costumes and pillowcases ready because Halloween (and trick or treating) is coming up in a few short weeks. If you live in the eastern Nebraska area you might be wondering what the 2017 Trick or treat times in Omaha NE are for this year. We have provided them below along with some reminders on the dos and don’ts for the evening of Halloween.

2017 Trick or Treat Times in Omaha NE
Omaha, NE stick to a traditional schedule of trick or treating on Halloween night aside from a few exceptions. With Halloween being on a Tuesday this year, you can expect to see those trick or treaters running around on Halloween night. We couldn’t find any specific time frames for the event, but we suggest keeping trick or treating between the hours of 5:30-8. This is a reasonable time frame that gives everyone plenty of time to collect as much candy as possible without interfering with things like dinner and bedtime on a school night.

Trick or Treating Do’s and Don’ts
Trick or treating can be one of the most fun nights of the year. Help keep it fun for everyone by following the below trick or treating dos and don’ts below.

kids trick or treatingDo

Come dressed in your best costume
Bring a LARGE bucket (or pillowcase) for maximum candy hauling
Visit houses with their porch lights on
Wear reflective clothing and/or tape
Be extra careful crossing the street at night

Don’t eat any candy that looks homemade or like it could have been opened
Don’t enter a stranger’s house
Don’t send kids out without supervision
Don’t visit houses with their lights off
Don’t forget to say thank you
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