Car Detailing Tips to Help Remove Dog Hair

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Taking your dog on a joy ride to the dog park or neighborhood pet goods store is an easy way to bring a smile to your four-legged friends face. However, when you travel with your dog in the car, everyone else who rides in the car knows it thanks to leftover fur and odors. If you find yourself with unwanted dog hair and smells in your vehicle, read our top tips for how to remove dog fur and odors from your vehicle upholstery below.

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How to Remove Dog Fur and Odors from Vehicle Upholstery
Always start with a vacuum. A vacuum alone will not have enough power to pick up all of the dog hair left behind, but it will make a good dent which makes the more tedious pick up steps listed next less of a hassle. If your vacuum has any smaller attachments give those a try first as they can provide extra suctioning power and can reach into small nooks and crannies.

Wet Rubber Gloves
Wet rubber gloves should be your go-to option for picking up dog fur. Dip a rubber-gloved covered hand in a wet bucket and use a scrapping motion to collect small piles of dog hair from your vehicle’s carpet and/or upholstery. When you have a small pile collected, remove it from the vehicle and clean your gloves by dipping them again into the bucket. Repeat this process until the dog hair is removed.

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If you don’t have rubber gloves or a bucket handy, or you just want to try a new method for dog fur removal, try using a balloon. Rubbing a balloon along your car’s upholstery will create static electricity which can help lift stubborn dog hair. This method can be a really fun way to get kids involved in the car-cleaning process.

Duct Tape
Like the balloon option, the duct tape method is also a great hands-on way to get kids to help clean the car. Wrap a piece of duct tape around your fingers with the sticky side facing out and use that to pick up leftover dog fur. When your piece of duct tape loses its stick, just toss it and replace it with a new piece.

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Preventing and Removing Dog Odors
The best way to have a car free of pet smells is to prevent them in the first place. Consider getting rubber floor mats and a seat cover that can provide a barrier between pets and your vehicle upholstery and are easily removable for cleaning. If pet odors are trapped in your upholstery, we have found the best methods for removal are baking soda scrubbed into the upholstery and removed with a vacuum or a specialty pet-odor removing product from your local pet goods store. Just make sure to spot-test if using a new product on your upholstery for the first time.

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